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Aquafina Label to Spill Tap-Water Origin : TreeHugger
Jul 27, 2007 . We've already touted the fact that Aquafina's bottled water gets piped directly from Detroit's municipal reservoirs, but it sounds like this .

The Consumerist » Aquafina Changes Label, Admits It's Tap Water
Jul 30, 2007 . Aquafina, PepsiCo's best-selling bottled water, is changing its label to clarify its true source: city water supplies. The labels have never claimed .

Aquafina labels: It's really tap water
Jul 27, 2007 . Aquafina labels: It's really tap water, Aquafina is the single biggest bottled water brand, and its bottles are now labeled ''P.W.S.'' The new labels .

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      Now That Aquafina Is Actually Labeled As Tap Water, Maybe We ...
      Jul 31, 2007 . Aquafina is tap water, as are many other bottled waters. The liquid inside is basically the same thing you get from your tap in the kitchen.

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      Aquafina labels to spell out tap water source - CBC News
      Jul 27, 2007 . The U.S. makers of Aquafina will soon revise labels on the bottled water to clearly show it's made with treated tap water.

      Pepsi says Aquafina is tap water - Jul. 27, 2007
      Jul 27, 2007 . Pepsi announced Friday that the labels of its Aquafina water bottles will be changed to say the product is tap water, according to Pepsi-Cola .

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      Aquafina Is Tap Water | The Filtered Files
      Pepsi's first 100 percent plant-based PET bottle You may recall a series we did last year on “eco-friendly” bottled water. It appears that PepsiCo and Evian have .

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      Enviroblog: Pepsi to label Aquafina tap water Archives
      Pepsi to label Aquafina tap water. July 27, 2007. aquafinatapwater.jpg Ahh . . . there's nothing quite like a cold refreshing bottle of $2 tap water. In a surprising .

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      Pepsi admits Aquafina comes from tap water
      Aug 2, 2007 . In reality, Aquafina comes from tap water. Yes, the same water you get when you turn on your kitchen faucet. Of course, Aquafina is filtered, .

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  • Networks Attack Aquafina, It's 'Just Tap Water' |
    Jul 30, 2007 . “Don't let that scenic [Aquafina] logo fool you, this water is not bottled from a mountain stream,” said Rob Marciano CNN's “American Morning.” .

  • Aquafina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Aquafina is a brand of bottled water products produced by PepsiCo, Inc., consisting . Aquafina Pure Water, the primary unflavored product produced under the .

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  • Aquafina and Dasani - Fravia's Web Searching Lore
    Aquafina and Dasani: Consumers are morons - Misleading marketing practices . Aquafina is just bottled tap water (by Pepsi) which is sold in almost all .


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Epistles to the Corkonians » Pepsi says Aquafina is tap water
Aug 4, 2007 . Pepsi-Cola announced Friday that the labels of its Aquafina brand bottled water will be changed to make it clear the product is tap water.


Aquafina labels to spell out tap water as source - Economic Times
Jul 28, 2007 . NEW YORK: PepsiCo Inc will spell out that its Aquafina bottled water is made with tap water, a concession to the growing environmental and .

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