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Pressure Treated Wood Questions & Answers | Toxics & Hazards ...
Should I take any other precautions when I work with pressure treated wood? . Wood treated with these pesticides is sometimes referred to as CCA treated .

CCA-treated wood, and provides recommendations for preventing exposure. . Sawing or sanding of the wood requires special precautions: perform the work .

CCA Treated Wood - Consumer and Handler Safety
May 11, 2011 . Precautions for CCA-treated wood include wearing protective equipment to avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoiding the inhalation of .

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Tips & Warnings

  • Treated-Wood Precautions - New York Times
    Jul 4, 2002 . Treated-Wood Precautions. By JOHN . Burning, sanding or sawing the C.C.A.- treated wood releases the arsenic as smoke, ash or sawdust.

  • Consumer Safety Information Sheet - Inorganic Arsenical Pressure ...
    [Including Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA), Ammoniacal Copper Arsenate . Wood treated with inorganic arsenic should be used only where such . Therefore, the following precautions should be taken both when handling the treated wood .

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  • Until - Ban
    . provide helpful precautions for . handling CCA treated wood.


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What You Should Know About CCA-Pressure Treated Wood for ...
Although a ban on CCA-treated wood was never imposed . structures made with CCA-treated wood. . Once identified, take precautions to minimize exposure .


Human Health Hazards -- Treated Wood Products
Treated wood products fact sheet from the Wisconsin DHS. . can be used safely in many backyard construction projects if appropriate precautions are taken. . CCA-treated wood is commonly used for playgrounds, decks and patios, fences, .

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