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The Beatitudes: The Character & Conduct of Kingdom Citizens. cf. Matthew 5:1- 12 . Neither passage uses "poor" in the general social meaning. The enlarged .

The Beatitudes: The Unspoken Bible
The word "Beatitude" comes from a Latin word meaning "happy" or "blessed." In the Beatitudes, Jesus heaps blessings on the type of people he is looking for to .

Beatitudes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Together, the Beatitudes present a new set of ideals that focus on love and humility rather than force and .

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      Feb 10, 2002 . There are two ways in which we can come at the meaning of this word poor. . . . As we have them the beatitudes are in Greek, and the word that .

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      Beatitudes - What are the Beatitudes?
      The word "beatitude" comes from the Latin beatitudo, meaning "blessedness." The phrase "blessed are" in each of the beatitudes implies a current state of .

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      Preaching Conversion Through The Beatitudes - Catholic Culture
      Bernard's tropological interpretation of the beatitudes provides the context for the convergence of the three distinct levels of discourse discussed earlier in this .

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      What Jesus Meant: The Beatitudes and a Meaningful Life - Erik ...
      In his insightful and heartfelt approach to some of the most challenging verses in the Gospels, Kolbell offers modern readers an interpretation of the Beatitudes .

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      Beatitudes unlocked by parallelism, Hebrew NT Application ...
      The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) are arranged in pairs which can help clarify the meaning of their corresponding phrase. Here the transposed order of verses 4 .

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  • The Beatitudes as Ethical Touchstone
    When you interpret the Beatitudes in this way, you get illuminating insights into Christian attitudes and tradition, but not (I think) a useful ethical touchstone.

  • Beatitudes
    Beatitudes--Their Significance And Meaning. They are simply stated, but are profound in meaning. They guide. They point. They teach. They show us the values .

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An Exposition of the Beatitudes -- Apolonio's Catholic Apologetics ...
The meaning of the beatitudes would qualify as Sacred Tradition. The Bible should never be read at face value. There is a lot of symbolism in Sacred Scripture.


BEATITUDES THROUGH LITERARY ANALYSIS AND SPEECH ACT. THEORY . Many models have been offered in explaining the meaning of the Beatitudes.

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The Beatitudes: The Path To A New Life
D. The Mount of Beatitudes overlooks the four-mile long Plain of Gennesaret. . A. There are various interpretations of the cause for mourning in this verse: 1.

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