old west towns in california

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Ghosts of the Old West - Exploring Bodie, California - YouTube
Jul 9, 2011. to visit Bodie, California - a huge "ghost town" that was once a wild west town of over... . Ghosts of the Old West - Exploring Bodie, California .

California Western Films and Old West Sights
A guide to California's Western film and Old West sights. . Bodie Ghost Town is one of the west's best-preserved and one of our favorites; California Rodeo, .

Cute Towns - California Weekend Getaways
Cute Towns for California Getaways. Calistoga: Napa's least-visited town has an Old West feel. Carmel: A grown-up artist's colony with unique architecture and .

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      American Frontier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      St. Louis, Missouri was the largest town on the frontier, the gateway for travel westward, and a . The hunters were the first Europeans in much of the Old West and they formed the first . In 1846-7 he played a role in conquering California.

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      Old west towns in California
      Old west towns hold a special appeal and charm to many people due to the influence of movies and television. Pioneertown is such a place near the desert town .

      Mojave Desert Ghost Towns
      Bodie State Historic Park is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town. . The Old Dutch Cleanser mine and camp in the El Paso Mountains Daggett West .

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      Ghost Towns | Hundreds of Pictures of Ghost Towns from Arizona ...
      Pictures of ghost towns and historic places in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, . western towns, some completely abandoned, some still lively; old mines .

      Top 5 California Wild West Vacation Destinations - Yahoo! Voices ...
      Mar 28, 2011 . Top 5 California Wild West Vacation Destinations . Resources. Calico Town: " Calico Ghost Town, an Old West Mining Adventure, in California" .

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      California - Ghost Towns, Abandoned Villages, and Historical Sites
      California. The San Francisco Bay Area Alcatraz - Famous ghost prison of San . Knight's Ferry - Old mill town with the longest covered bridge in the western .

      Intriguing: Wild West Ghost Towns |
      Aug 23, 2009 . Abandoned Bodie and Calico are ghost towns in the wild west. . Bodie is a ghost town in California east of the imposing Sierra Nevada mountains. . gold panning and trips on the old Calico & Odessa Railroad, bringing the .

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      Ghost Towns of the American West
      Ghost Towns Reveal Hidden Tales of Old West · Ghost Town Slide . Ghosts of Old Arizona Route 66 . Salton Sea: Ghost Town Lake in the California Desert .

      Tourist Ghost Towns in the Old West | Travel Tips - USAToday.com
      In the Old West, these towns often sprung up in response to rumors of mining riches or . Although the ghost towns of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada , .

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  • California old west towns vacation - StartSampling Forums
    Anyone out there know of any "old west" or "gold rush" type towns in California? We've been to Sonora, that was pretty cool. Always looking for .

  • Calico Ghost Town
    Calico is an old West mining town that has been around since 1881 during the largest silver strike in California. With its 500 mines, Calico produced over $20 .

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California old west ghosttown - Ghost Town Gallery
Goler, CA. Goler Not much happening in Goler... goler (Copyright © by Daniel Ter -Nedden) Buy pictures · Ghost Town Map - Back to the Ghost Town index.


Ghost Towns and History of the American West
Ghosttowns.com-the best source of information on ghost towns in the American West. Ghost towns are listed bystate & include biographies, pictures, and .

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