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Sen. Tom Coburn: Mitt Romney best equipped to solve problems ...
Tom Coburn: Mitt Romney best equipped to solve problems facing our nation. BY SEN. TOM COBURN Published: March 4, 2012. America faces the greatest .

Top Ten Issues Facing the National Parks -- National Geographic
Learn about the top ten issues facing the national parks today (including . We're missing opportunities to tell the story of America through our national parks.” .

The Five Biggest Problems Facing America
Sep 13, 2011 . IMHO, the five biggest problems facing America, about which I will blog . The problem with our country is people gave up caring about civics .

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      National Military Family Association: 2012 Association Issues and ...
      2012 Association Issues and Actions. Our Nation's military is facing changes after more than 10 years of war. As some of the troops come home, many will find .

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      Boyer, Ashley Problems Facing American Education - National Forum ...
      important than ever for our nation's children to receive the proper education and . Unfortunately, there are many problems facing our education system today, .,%20Ashley%20Problems%20Facing%20American%20Education.pdf

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      Mourdock skews real issues and realities facing our nation
      Aug 2, 2012 . A question for Richard Mourdock: Why are you running for U. S. senator? You believe that government is not the solution but only the problem.

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      Major Problems Facing Our Country Today | Economy In Crisis
      Who is managing our country, and for whose benefit? Laws are being made that encourage foreign corporations to set up shop in the U.S. They receive huge tax .

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      Twitter / OrrinHatch: The issues facing our nation ...
      Aug 21, 2012 . The issues facing our nation are bigger than one person. For the good of the country, Todd Akin should step aside today. #utpol #tcot .

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  • Robert P. Casey Jr. | United States Senator for Pennsylvania: Issues ...
    The foreign policy challenges facing our nation today are immense. They include successfully drawing down our combat forces in Iraq, completing our mission to .

  • Pressing Problems Facing The Nation
    Could the massive loss of our manufacturing base possibly become an issue of national security? It is a race to the bottom. It's not strictly a global village.

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  • Mitt Romney Best Equipped To Solve Problems Facing Our Nation
    Mar 4, 2012 . The problems and solutions are widely understood — and far from impossible to implement — yet our so-called leaders have shown little .


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Sep 14, 2011 .


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