what is my cars gas mileage

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How to Increase Fuel Mileage on a Car - wikiHow
Jul 13, 2012 . As gas prices continue to climb, increasing the fuel mileage is the best way . fuel mileage (the number of miles your car moves for each gallon of gas), . For me when ever my engine is running at above 3000 R.P.M.s i find .

Find a Car – Home - Fuel Economy
1984-2012 Buyer's Guide to Fuel Efficient Cars and Trucks. Estimates of gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, safety ratings, and air pollution ratings for new .

Improving Hybrid Car Gas Mileage - How I got over 58 mpg from my ...
Feb 28, 2011 . I took advantage of the low cost period and replaced my cars with hybrids. Most of the tips in the previous extensive article are valid for hybrid .

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  • Find Out the Gas Mileage of Your Car - ABC News
    Jul 24, 2009 . To find out the gas mileage of your car, CLICK HERE. . Unfortunately, my 2000 Dodge Intrepid doesn't qualify for this program because of the .


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Basic Car Maintenance to Improve Gas Mileage - MonkeySee
Basic Car Maintenance to Improve Gas Mileage: Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses basic car . How often should I change my car's air filter?


Finding Optimum Cruising Speed of Car
How can I find out the optimum highway cruising speed of my car to get the best gas mileage? I have been to dealerships and auto clubs, but no one can answer .

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Save Money - Fuel Economy
Fuel efficient cars save you money every time you fill up. Use our fuel cost calculator to estimate your annual fuel costs. . than one that gets 20 MPG ( assuming 15,000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $3.72). . My average MPG is.

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